Listen and Learn with Lots2Spot, a New iPad Game for Toddlers

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Listen and Learn with Lots2Spot, a New iPad Game for Toddlers

2/21/2013 Seattle, WA – Hiyu2, a game app development company based in Seattle, announces a fun new “listen and find” iPad app designed specifically for toddlers to play alone or with their parents. A huge variety (500+) of brilliantly illustrated objects keeps children engaged while they listen and learn vocabulary, colors, and numbers up to five. Who wouldn’t want to “find the purple paper clip” or the “upside-down walrus”!?

The inspirations for Lots2Spot were the developer’s friends and families, and what Hiyu2 co-founder Stephanie Krimmel calls “a general lack of iPad games for 2-year-olds that are both truly appropriate for toddlers AND enjoyable for parents to play with them. Too many are difficult to use (some require reading), force the kid to touch something they shouldn’t (like a knife), or are just downright annoying.”

Krimmel’s obsession with finding the perfect apps for toddlers led to a Web site, the Picky Kid App Guide ( where she rates and reviews iPad apps for kids, and ultimately, to the creation of Lots2Spot.

Hiyu2 co-founder and designer Jennifer Bartlett says: “We created Lots2Spot with a bit of a hidden agenda. We really wanted to draw the cutest creatures, most intriguing objects, and beautiful backgrounds, so that we love playing and watching the screen randomly fill up too. It’s been really fun developing personalities for the animals… The bear is just a little bit needy!”

Lots2Spot includes three levels of play, and is fun for ages eighteen months to kindergarten. The first level builds vocabulary for very young children with brightly colored flashcards. In Levels 2 and 3, the screen fills with lots of objects (28 or 40, respectively) and players “clean up” by listening to the prompts and finding the right items. As they progress, they’ll learn colors, adjectives, categorization and counting. The game can made more (or less) challenging in the app’s settings. Voiceover prompts can be turned off for readers who want to help a younger child play.

Lots2Spot is $3.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App store in the Games/Educational category. US App Store link:

Device Requirements:

  • iPad or iPad mini
  • Requires iOS6 or later
  • 77 MB

About Hiyu2 LLC

Hiyu2 is a Seattle-based game app development company created by Jennifer Bartlett, a designer by trade, and Stephanie Krimmel, a user experience professional. Hiyu2 was founded on the shared beliefs that games for kids and adults ought to be fun and mentally stimulating, and that families should have games they enjoy playing together. For more information, visit


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