We wanted a to create an iPad game that we’d be proud to share with discerning parents. And it should be a game that’s not only fun, but offers some educational value too.

Ta da!

Lots2Spot is an engaging and colorful vocabulary and finding game app for young ones between 1½ and 5 years old. “Can you find the ____?”

It’s easy to play and fun for children: Learn new words, colors, and practice counting!

Parents will appreciate that the game encourages listening and following directions! Also, we’ve included natural stop points that allow for breaks in play, taking turns, and – dare we say – sharing!

We have to admit, we also created Lots2Spot with a bit of a hidden agenda. We really, really wanted to create the cutest creatures (like penguins and jellyfish) and the most interesting objects (like flip flops and fire hydrants) to put into a game that kids will want to play again and again! (And there just might also be some things that make you smile and say “Hmm!”)

We had lots of fun making Lots2Spot. We think your kids have just as much fun playing it!