Lots2Spot Mini School

Let’s face it. Kids aren’t two years old forever (thank goodness!). So we wanted to make a new game in the Lots2Spot series that was just as fun and cute as the original (dare we say “Classic”?), but more challenging and academic. A game that prepares kids for pre-school and kindergarten.

Enter Lots2Spot Mini School!

Lots2Spot is an engaging and colorful “listen and find” game that teaches older toddlers and preschool kids to recognize letters and numbers.

It’s easy to play and fun for children: Learn letters and numbers and practice counting!

Parents will appreciate that the game encourages listening and following directions! Also, we’ve included natural stop points that allow for breaks in play, taking turns, and – dare we say – sharing!

Each game screen includes a cute animal in the mix – which help kids to stay motivated (Oh boy, who will we get next? The octopus? Or the baby chick maybe?) … and also helps to reinforce the concept of quantity as players are prompted to “Find four foxes” (for example).

Kids can practice lower or uppercase letters (or a mix of both) and numbers up to twenty.

… and if they ever get stuck, there are wiggly little clues to help out. (You can also tap the text at near the top of the screen to replay the prompt, if you’ve forgotten what you’re looking for.)

Enjoy learning!