Simply put, we make fun games

Specifically, we make iPad games that are fun for kids and families to play together. (For even more specifics, read about our Apps.)

Meet Jennifer and Stephanie – the founders of Hiyu2 and the creators of Lots2Spot.

They’ll be the first to tell you that their perspective on games is exactly the same as their philosophy on finding a life balance: It shouldn’t be all about work – you should feel like you’re having fun!

Stephanie Krimmel

Stephanie is a user experience professional who loves playing games with 2 now 3-year-old B, but can’t stand it when those games are ugly, or confusing, or encouraging toddlers to touch things like giant knives. You might even say she’s picky (especially if you read her app reviews). She disagrees with Jennifer about which animal is the cutest in Lots2Spot.

Jennifer Bartlett

Jennifer is a designer by trade but her dream job is to draw cute things. Oh look, dream come true! Also while she thinks the squirrel is the cutest of all objects in Lots2spot she would probably run from one in real life. (Germs!)



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