Welcome! We get excited about creating games that are fun and clever and just a little bit silly. We think you’ll love our Lots2Spot iPad apps for kids.


Get ready for kindergarten — Learn numbers and letters with Lots2Spot Mini School.

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Lots2Spot iPad game for kids

We’re pretty sure Lots2Spot is one of the cutest games your kids will love to play!

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This octopus has a wide reach

Keep your tentacles on the pulse of what’s new at Hiyu2.

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Valentines for Procrastinators

Valentine’s Day is eek — in two days! Do you have valentines for everyone in your class yet? If not, never fear… Lots2Spot to the Rescue! We have cute printable valentines of your favorite characters from Lots2Spot here. (I don’t think anyone will care if you used them last year too…)

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Lots2Spot Mini School is here!

Woo hoo! Lots2Spot Mini School has made it through the powers-that-be at Apple and is available on the App Store now! And to make this even more awesome, Lots2Spot Mini School is available for the a special price of $0.99 USD through September 15, 2013. Call it a back-to-school special, a pre-kindergarten special, or a […]

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Be the star of your class!

Lots2Spot Mini School is almost ready for release!   Learn letters, learn numbers and get ahead of the game with your favorite characters from Lots2Spot.   Want to be the first to know when it’s released?

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